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Learn  About Home Staging!

Gain a deeper understanding of the benefits associated with partnering with a professional home staging firm. Schedule your call now!

These learning events are perfect for:

  • Brokerage Office Meetings

  • Group Meetings

  • New Agents

  • Open House Event


Jason Feril
Director of Business Development

Hi there, my name is Jason Feril and I am one of the co-owners of SoHo Staging Co in Tallahassee. For the past several years I've had the opportunity to assist in educating Real Estate Agents and Brokers on the benefit of partnering with a professional home staging firm for the preparation of their listings. I bring my past experience of managing top performing sales teams and offer my knowledge to you! With my expertise I am certain that I can help with overcoming any past challenges you may have had with presenting home staging during your listing presentations or explaining the benefits to new agents. Keep scrolling for highlights of what we cover in our lunch and learns or book your complimentary discovery call now!

During our Lunch and Learns, We Will Cover

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